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We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.

Marie Wall, DMD


I met and married our orthodontist, Dr. Mike Wall, while attending dental school. I was awarded Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) in 2002 by the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. After graduation, I went to work at the Gracewood State Hospital in Augusta, GA. There, I cared for the dental needs of mentally and physically handicapped patients, and won their trust and smiles.

Working full time as a dentist while my husband was in the Army, I cut back to part time in order to be with my daughters once they were born.

One day I will return to general dentistry full time, but for now I'm happy to help with Wall Orthodontics and raise my three beautiful girls. When I'm not ensconced in all that motherhood entails, I enjoy reading and cooking, and thrilled any day I can be at the beach.


Financial Manager

We understand that investing in orthodontic treatment can be a creative endeavor for some budgets, and that's why we think Lynn is the best! She says the most rewarding part of her job is finding the solutions that keep families moving forward with their orthodontic investment. When she's not on the phone with patients and their families, Lynn can be found supporting her grandkids on the ballfield or cheer competitions.


Remote Digital Assistant

Friendly and patient while she gathers information, Brenda talks with anyone interested in meeting with Dr. Wall for a complimentary exam. She's happiest when she knows she's answered all the initial questions our future patients have and gotten their first appointment scheduled! At home, Brenda finds great joy in her three cats: Bonnie, Clyde, and Sonny.



Everyone deserves a warm welcome, and we don't think anyone does it better than Carolyn! She'll get you checked in for your appointment and make sure all your information is up to date. Carolyn thrives on creating relationships, and loves the conversations she gets to have with patients and their families. Outside the office, she finds joy in creating healthful meals and traveling.


Business Development Coordinator

Anita works closely with Dr. Wall and the other office coordinators to make sure the entire Wall Orthodontic team is well supported with the technology, training, and protocols that keep patient care at the forefront. She says Wall Orthodontics is the perfect match for her personality, so coming to work every day is a joy. When she's not at the office, Anita enjoys finding adventure at every opportunity.


Clinical Director

We respect your time and don't want to keep anyone waiting for their appointment, which is why Ashley's job is so important. She's an expert at making sure the flow in the clinic keeps moving. Whether seeing patients herself or checking in with the assistants in the bay, Ashley loves to keep those appointments on time! Outside of the office, she spends as much time at the lake as possible camping with her sons, River and Rayce.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Whether it's putting your braces on, or delivering your retainer at the end of your treatment, it's likely that Lisa helped make it happen. Spending most of her time in the lab making retainers, she'll head to the clinic to work with Dr. Wall to get our new patients started the same day as their exam! Lisa says she loves her work family because they always make her laugh. In her off time, Lisa loves to be with her kids and her grandkids.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

The reward Teri gets from her work in the clinic is knowing she's helping patients achieve the smile that builds their confidence. With her methodical and thorough approach, she puts even the most nervous patient at ease. Outside of the office, she loves being a Georgia Southern Eagles fan. Rain or shine, Teri loves spending time with family and friends at GSU sporting events.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

We all agree, Courtenay knows how to get a job done and fast! She's dedicated, diligent, and friendly all at the same time. While we're impressed with her, Courtenay can't say enough about her appreciation for Dr. Wall's generosity. When she's not in the clinic, Courtenay soaks up mommy time with her son, Ryker.



Amanda is a jack-of-all-trades behind our front desk, but her specialty is calling your insurance company to maximize your insurance benefit! Amanda loves to keep it light at work and you'll rarely see her without a smile. When she's not joking with her coworkers at the office, she loves to take road trips. She's also a basketball mom, supporting her kids, Madison and Mason, at as many practices and games as possible.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Taylor's joy in the clinic is watching the transformation that occurs throughout treatment. She works closely with Dr. Wall in monitoring the virtual appointments we offer our patients who use Dental Monitoring. When she's not at work, she's spending time at church with her family and friends.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Building relationships with patients during their treatment is what makes Mandi's day. Patients and coworkers alike enjoy her sense of humor! Mandi loves the quality time she gets to spend with her family. When she gets some time to herself, though, she's dedicated to crafting!


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

Emily is thrilled to see the transformations that occur when patients are compliant with their treatment. Patients appreciate her gentle presence and good natured humor. Outside of the office, she gets excited about exploring the different regions of the United States.


Certified Orthodontic Assistant

When it's time to remove your braces or attachments, Ashton is the lucky assistant who gets to see your post treatment smile first. She works closely with Dr. Marie Wall to move you from the active phase of treatment to the very important retention phase. Ashton loves the lifelong learning that's encouraged at work; she's never bored! At home, she enjoys dancing with her daughter and fishing with her son.


Administrative Director

When we created the call center we knew we needed someone bright and bubbly to head up the effort, and Dawn was the perfect fit! Her attention to detail means our patients receive excellent patient care when they call our office. She says she loves the camaraderie with her coworkers, and she loves being helpful to patients. Outside of the office, Dawn can be found soaking up the sun at any chance she gets, preferably at the beach!


Call Center Operator

Alena loves the family-like atmosphere at work and it shows. Patient, kind, and always willing to step in to help where needed, Alena is one of the backbones of the Wall Orthodontics team. Alena gives callers the quality service we promise our patients. When she's not taking calls at the office, Alena is supporting her three amazing sons in each of their interests.


Treatment Coordinator

Shelby works closely with Dr. Marie Wall and our marketing team to make sure all our patients and referring dentists know how important they are to us! Because she loves learning, you'll also see her stepping into the role of treatment coordinator fairly regularly. Shelby loves making her coworkers laugh with her dry wit. Outside of work, her favorite pass-time is helping others to declutter and organize their spaces.


New Patient Coordinator

Creating a wonderful patient experience is top priority at Wall Orthodontics, which is why we hired Lindsay! Without her smiling face and welcoming spirit, our front desk wouldn't be the same. She says she loves laughing with her coworkers and making connections with our patients when she's at the office. Aways from work, it's time with her church and family that feeds her soul. Lindsay also loves to read and take walks.

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