If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

 Dr. Wall's staff is great! I was nervous about getting my braces but they made it fun for me!           -Millie H.

Wall Orthodontics is a very friendly place. I love my braces!!!! Everybody loves them too......    -Karoline K.

Our first visit was last week and we had a great time. Dr. Wall is super funny and Mrs. Sara was very kind and made me feel happy and included.  They were good to my sister and she is handful.  The office was cool and I am excited to get my braces with them.    - Gillian H.

Dr. Wall's staff is AWESOME! Everyone is so nice there.  They have a really cool waiting room.  It is the coolest orthodontics around! :)      -Ansley K.

As an adult, I've always regretted not getting braces in my youth.  Since working with Dr. Wall and his staff I'm thrilled I waited!  Not only am I satisfied with the appliances, the staff is incredible!   - Beth A.

Wall Orthodontics is very friendly and does a great job!    -William M.

I love coming to Wall Orthodontics.  The people there are so polite and make you feel welcomed as soon as you walkl through the door.   -  Roger B.

I had a fun first visit.  Dr. Wall was not scary at all.  I am excited to go back this summer.      -Cannon T.

Today was my first time at Dr. Wall's other than making my appointment, and I loved it!  I went for my consultation for my braces.  While waiting there was plenty to do.  They have a play area, free WIFI, free drinks and contests to participate in!  The staff was so nice and they gave us a tour!  Mrs. Katie helped my today with my x-rays, pictures, and just showing my how everything worked!  I loved it there and can't wait to go back and get my braces!!   - Rebecca D.

Dr. Wall is cool and they have a state of the art office!!   -Ramsi W.

When I first got there I was ready to get my braces.  I thought it was going to hurt, but I felt absolutely nothing.  I didn't know they put them on at first.  I was able to pick my color, and I picked the color lime.  After I got my braces, they took the time to explain to me about what I had to do to care for my braces.   - Tamecia R.

Best ortho ever!!! Dr. Wall and his staff are great!!    - Eastyn D.

I was terrified of getting my braces as a teenager but as a kid, I always wanted them!  Thanks to Dr. Wall I will have straight teeth!  All of the workers are so nice and it's hard to believe I've had them for almost two years!!!     - Emma B.

Dr. Wall and his staff are always so helpful and inviting.  They are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.  There is no need to be worried about you braces if you go to them!! :)   -  Kenade S.

I have had a fantastic experience at Wall Orthodontics.  Dr. Wall and the other staff are always friendly and know exactly what to do to get you your perfect smile!  I would definitely recommend Wall Orthodontics for you or your child.    -Rachel Thomas

This is the best orthodontist in the state of Georgia!!!!!    -  Tedford B.